10 Awesome Things We Have Thanks to Sweden

Scandinavian technology has come a long way since the Viking raids. Despite being beautiful, blonde, and tanned, Swedes also direct films, write books, and distill vodka. The land of the midnight sun has contributed a diverse array of ingenuity to world culture, from a troublesome pirating website to a unique troubled heroine with a punk […]

10 Dizzying Structures Perched On Cliffs

Around 5 percent of you likely suffer from acrophobia, the irrational fear of heights. The rest of us are at least a little cautious—after all, falling can be pretty dangerous. Yet as a species we still seek to build things in places where looking up or down is likely to make us giddy. Throughout history […]

10 Incredible Historic Sites We Lost Forever (Due To Stupidity)

We’ve told you before about the many important items our species has managed to somehow lose over the years. But a few mislaid books don’t even begin to compare to the entire locations we’ve somehow destroyed. Through war, vandalism, or just stupidity, we humans have proved time and again that we’re the last people in […]

10 Remarkable Communities Founded By Former Slaves

Slavery stretches back as long as human civilization (or perhaps even longer) and stretches forward to the 21st century (the current slave population is somewhere north of 20 million). Runaways, known as “maroons,” have set up fascinating communities known for their unique cultures and dogged military resistance. They’ve also been prone to hardship, and even […]

Top 10 Bizarre Tourist Attractions

Here is a list to help anyone heading off on a vacation. Instead of seeing the usual tourist attractions, why not check out some of this more offbeat ones? There is something for everyone and you may even end up making new friends with equally strange taste.   10 Noodle Bath Japan The Japanese do […]