Bride Shaves Her Head At Her Wedding In Touching Support Of Terminally Ill Groom

Exactly what does true love imply to you? For one bride whose groom has terminal cancer, it took the form of a lovely act most females would discover hard to do.

Struth Photography Craig and Joan Lyons from Liverpool, UK, have actually been buddies for over 30 years, however unknown to Joan, Craig had

always loved her. Struth Photography” I fell for her as quickly as I set my eyes on her when we were 14, “Craig informed the Daily Mail.

18 months ago he chose to tell her how he truly felt,

and recently the set got married. Struth Photography However it was a bittersweet day, because Craig’s pancreatic cancer had actually ended up being terminal.Struth Photography

Therefore, in a touching and heartbreaking act of solidarity, Joan decided to cut off her hair after she strolled down the aisle with her new hubby.

Struth Photography< img src="" > Struth Photography”It was undoubtedly the very first time I had actually seen Joan without her hair and she looked lovely, absolutely stunning,”Craig informed the Daily Mail. Struth Photography” She is the lady of my dreams.” Struth Photography And if that wasn’t enough, Joan donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust– a charity that makes wigs for children who’ve lost their hair throughout chemotherapy. Struth Photography


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