Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Blood Sugar Regulation And Speeds up Weight Loss

The vinegar, also known as a sour vine has been used by ancient Babylonians (5,000 B.C). Apple cider vinegar has been used by Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) for many medical problems like treating wounds or as a tonic for durable cough. According to many studies apple cider vinegar has been proven effective in improving blood sugar regulation and enhancing weight loss.


The fermentation process progresses in two parts. In the first part the yeast and bacteria are degrading the sugar into alcohol. In the second part acetobacterium cause the oxidation of alcohol into acetic acid, over a slow and lengthy process.

The acetic acid differentiates apple acid vinegar by giving it a sour and bitter taste and by leaving a cloudy substance (the mother) on the bottom of the glass. It is the fermenting portion of the apple which is the mother and it includes a large amount of enzymes. Crude, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the mother untouched is the only one you should use.

Blood sugar control

Using it as a salad dressing is the most common way of adding apple cider vinegar into meals. If you are about to use a food that needs a longer time for digestion, such as beef or pork, you should drink one small glass of the tonic.

Researchers are claiming that the cider vinegar is vital in controlling sugar levels in type 2 diabetics because of its antiglycemic properties. Presumably, the main ingredient of the vinegar is functioning as an antiglycemic factor, which obstructs the effectiveness of metformin, a drug consumed by diabetic patients. The side effects of metformin are sickness, slumber, diarrhea, etc.

The metformin is also linked to liver disease and heart problems.

Increased level of blood glucose after meals is also known as postprandial glycemia. Researchers have established that combining ACV with a meal will improve blood glucose. A study published in the Diabetes Journal in 2007 analyzed the effects of vinegar on hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetics in the morning, which is also known as the Dawn Phenomenon.

There was a decrease in fasting glucose by 4-6% when individuals consumed 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before meals. During a medical treatment some individuals noted a 3-6% fasting glucose reduction.

Other research has shown that women who combined their meal with ACV, had a 55% decrease in the blood glucose.

Benefits regarding the weight loss

Individuals who are drinking cider vinegar once or twice every day have reported weight loss. The antiglycemic effect can be attributed to the suppression of carbohydrate synthesis by disallowing enzymes. The enzymes are boosting the blood concentration which controls appetite or repletion.

Thanks to the lipogenesis and fatty acid synthesis cholesterol levels are improved. The liver is protected by the acetic acid which is the most tolerated. The synergistic nature of bolstered blood flow and insulin activity results in a boost of energy.

Apple cider vinegars beneficial effects in weight loss were found in a study of 155 Japanese people. The results showed a healthier BMI, reduction in visceral fat, serum triglyceride, etc. Many factors boost cleansing and overall health of the liver and weight loss may be linked to the stimulation of fecal bile acid when consuming cider vinegar.

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